Roman Sokolov – The theatre’s producer (Contact subject: event order issues)

And in case of other issues:

  • Franchise sale
  • Participation in photography
  • Contract job
  • Financial questions
  • Disputes and complaints
  • Your questions
  • If you want to talk (but not for long time)

What is technical demands for the theater event?

Check out our raiders on the “for organizers” page.

What is the cost of shadows theater event?

Check out the gonorar cost table on the “for organizers” page.

Can we invite you to another city or country?

Yes, you can, but only if we are free on a planned time duration. For more information about our workload, please contact us through the Contact page, or check our tour schedule on the “For orginizers” page.

What additional equipment is required to rent for the theater event?

The theater is working completely on it’s own equipment, which is already included in the cost of an event. Additional equipment is required in non-standard cases. We will inform you in the negotiation process, if it is necessary.

Is there an opportunity to pay for your services via bank transfer?

Yes, payment can be made on the billing address of our theater.