Show program Lords of shadows

The show “Lords of Shadow” was born at the end of 2014, after the final of show «Tu si que vales» in Italy. For «Tu si que vales» was created act, called « Cry of soul» – story based on the events in Ukraine.

For 2 years shadows theater «Teulis» visited 39 cities in Ukraine. Moreover, “Lords of Shadow” show was showed in Poland, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Show program “Lords of Shadow” is a journey through a fantasy world. Visiting the show “Lords of Shadow», you will fall into a deep of the mystical universe of shadows two-dimensional space, optical illusions, sound and video projections. There is everything from love stories to travel into space.

The highlight of the show is the final act – « Cry of soul». “Cry of soul” – exactly this way the audience called the number that was first presented at the Italian talent show «Tu si que vales» in Italy. As was mentioned, act tells about the events in Ukraine, and in the future, it set up the popularity in Ukraine after TV translation in famous Ukrainian program “Vecherniy Kvartal”.

For 2 years of touring in Ukraine and Europe, Teulis’s “Lords of Shadow” show has collected more than 200 full houses, it has been seen by more than 100 million viewers all around the world.