Top 10 must-have of «Teulis» shadow theater’s actor on tour

Every traveler has a list of things without which he won’t even cross his doorstep. For us it isn’t an exception. So we present you a list of 10 must-have features for «Teulis» shadow theater’s actor on tour:

  1. Pillow

    Spending a lot of time in the bus, and even on Ukrainian roads/ Without a pillow It is very hard to endure long journeys.

  2. Plaid

    Plaid will be useful not only for staying warm, but also as an attribute for comfort.

  3. Headphones

    Unique, and sometimes the only way to stay alone with yourself and your thoughts.

  4. Warm clothes

    It’s almost always necessary, not only in the cold season, because the scene is often cooled.

  5. Scotch tape

    “If it cannot be repaired with tape, so it cannot be repaired,” – our technical director Alex said once as a joke. Of course, it is hardly possible to fix with the tape projector, but for some stuff – it is irreplaceable thing.

  6. Skipping rope

    Unexpectedly, right? For travelers with great experience this subject may seem unnecessary, but our artists will not agree with you. Rope – a great tool to warm up your muscles before the show, also it takes up little space.

  7. Training mat

    Crawling on the parquet during the 5-hour repetitions, then more than an hour you count edges on the stage with your body during the show, you want to protect even your knees.

  8. Sewing kit

    During the two years of touring, our artists have mastered all the skills of sewing while mending costumes “on the road”.

  9. Home symbol

    Our artists are rarely visit their own homes, so the something that reminds of him was brought with them will not be superfluous.

  10. Good mood

    This is the last point of the list, but not the inconsiderable one. If you forget your good mood at home, perhaps, there is no sense, to go to our viewers. It’s our job – to give you a good mood!

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