“Lords of Shadow” show. Memories. Part 1

Taking the opportunity, we want to member our bright moments. End of the year – time to summarize, and falling snow outside the window adds mood.

О шоу «About the show “Lords of Shadow”. Memories

End of 2014

The show “Lords of Shadow” appeared after the New Year TV Program “Vecherniy Kvartal” where we set the act “Cry of soul”. In fact, we had only it I portfolio by that time. That night no one even thought nor about the complete show, nor about the tour.


1st January

Place: kept in secret.

Early call. Probably picking up the phone, Roman Sokolov had hoped to hear the regular wishes with a Happy New Year, and imagine his surprise when it did not happen. Exactly that morning, he received the proposition to create the complete show and start touring with it in Ukraine, for the beginning.

January 10th

Place: the repetition class.

The place, where our director Vitaly Suslovets make his creates. On that day, perhaps, everyone were in confusion and no one exactly knew, what would be the final result, especially what response we will get from our activity.

March, 1st

Place: National Music Academy of Ukraine

The long-awaited premiere of the show. Funny feeling of a joy and excitement. From early morning work on the stage of the conservatory. Technical employees – the screen sets, check the work of the equipment; Artists: warm up before the show, scroll in the head script to avoid forgetting any details, and it’s absolutely normal for such an important day.

Hall before the show filled with people. Beginning…

It is difficult to put into words our feelings, but viewers, who saw off artists standing after the show speak for themselves. Mission Complete. We made it.

March 9th – May 30th

Main place of action: bus

Then it started. Exhausting tour schedule, a new city every day.

The show was presented in 30 cities of Ukraine (total, we gave 45 shows); On concert, we have been visited by 24,000 spectators; During tour time we covered the distance in 11,000 kilometers (the distance from the Ukraine to Tokyo, by the way); Unloaded and loaded 29 tons of equipment; Ate 1400 kg of food; Drank 3800 liters of water; We spent 969 hours on the road; Got 2 gastritis; During the tour we gained 28 kg of extra weight; We got about 12 different injuries; conceive a child; Stricken one wheel; Quarreled with one driver; During the tour was filmed 2 TB of photos and video materials; 130 posts on social networks were sent; 46 interviews on radio and TV were given; 1 projector smashed; 3 screens broken.

5-th June

Place: The award “Muz-TV”. Astana.

We did a show together with Glenn Morrison on their song “Goodbye” for “MUZ TV” award. Despite this event, we were looking forward to the summer holidays.

Summer 2015

You think we could have a rest? Everything is relative. When compкштп the spring intense of daily events the summer was rather quiet. But we didn’t left without work. Charitable festivals, presentation of the car, besides of giving more than ten shows. And of course, the repetitions.

4th October- December 8th

Main place of action: bus

Autumn tour was different from the spring only because we visited, in addition to Ukraine, European countries.

Few experiences. You know, for someone touring can seem like an exciting adventure, but the reality is not as romantic as the human imagination. Summarize, how it happens: in the morning everyone goes to the bus, there, usually everyone sleep (especially after 3-4 days), hours of moving, a new city, enjoying the sights (probably) out of the window, the preparations for the show, the show, 2 minutes of the euphoria, bus, hotel, rest, in the morning everyone goes to bus. No romance, but it named noisy: “tour” …

To be continued.

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