How to make a shadow theater

We often receive questions about how to make shadow theater without large resources. Most often, these questions come from students. A little thought, we decided to lift the “veil of secrecy” and now we will tell you how to make shadow theater at “home”.


When it comes to limited financial possibilities we won’t tell you about the expensive rear projection screens. Of course, if you have the opportunity to use it and get the screen for rent – it will have a significant impact on the result. But this is possible to do without! On our summer get-together party we created a show on the open field. Not-bad budget choice – is cloak white cloth. It can have different density, so you should check shadow quality transmission, before buying. This can be done easily, taking with you a flashlight and on a small piece of tissue to see how the shadow is transferred to the cloth (look on the back side, that is, how the audience will see the shadow). If you are satisfied, and you have chosen the size (we have a small screen 3×4) take it and proceed to repetitions!


As it known that for creation shadow you need a light. In general, any suitable light source. Even if it is the spotlight. But you should keep in mind that shade will be blurred with such equipment. Our recommendation – use the projector. Firstly, we believe that you can find it easily in University, and secondly, the light feeds the size of the screen, and, thirdly, the shadow will be clear. A nice bonus is, that you can use not only a white background. Using images you can profitably supplement your story to make it more colorful and interesting. Little secret. Once, long ago, TEULIS shadow theater have used just such a piece: we have created a presentation with a set of matching pictures and switch between them depending the scene. You can even set a timer and do not have to do it manually. The main thing is that the picture you selected, will fit the plot and won’t be too dark.

3.Sound and Props


Silent theater – it’s certainly interesting, but the silent film era gone long time ago. Use music, text … It all depends on your director’s ideas.


TEULIS shadow theater originally had a task to use props only in cases, when it is conceptually necessary (for example, a microphone in a hand). However, it is optional. Use props to help you save time directing the search for alternative solutions. For a props making you can use cardboard or foam (for example, as a stand for the microphone from our act with ostrich).

And the last thing:

Use imagination, create new forms, search for your own style. Movement by the known way may be easy, but that way you lose an opportunity to come to something unique. Good luck in your creative discoveries.

Turn off the lights.

The show begins.

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