Do charity Ticket

This function will be active in the nearest future

The shadow theater TEULIS regularly takes a part in various charity events. Now you have the opportunity to join us.

What is the Do charity ticket?

Do charity ticket is a new charity format: you can purchase a ticket for yourself, and pay half price for a child from an orphanage.

Donation is anonymously

How it works?

  • You buy a charity ticket in our online box office
  • Money is redirected to pay for a place for a child from an orphanage
  • You pay only a part of the ticket price for a child
  • You can check the results of the “Do charity” support campaign on our social networks to make sure in the clearly of the program.

Are there any questions or objections, distrust to the campaign? Enter your name, email, comment in the field below and we will send you a detailed selection of relevant scan copies of documents confirming our charitable activities.