New Year’s show “Cinderella”

“Cinderella”show is an unusual combination of ancient and modern genres: shadows theater and 3D technologies. Dive into the fascinating fairy tale atmosphere of the audience with the wonderful music created by talented composers specifically for the act. All these innovations transforms the old story and make it updated, exciting and unpredictable. The only obvious thing – is the final. In this tale it will also be happy.

Family show based on the famous fairy tale

It is difficult to find a young audience, who did not know the fairy tale “Cinderella” written by Charles Perrault. This is a story about a sincere and kind girl who was orphaned, and came under the care of an evil stepmother. It became a true challenge for pour girl instead of regular ridicules of two stepsisters. Against all odds, Cinderella remained kind-harted and cheerful. The new family show present all well-known characters with a modern view: Cinderella, her stepmother, king, prince, fairies … all these familiar characters from childhood come to life in the shadows by an entirely new way.

TEULIS theatre has already held hundreds of concerts with different shows in the Ukraine, and all around the world.

The show will be interesting for both boys, girls of all ages and for their parents. This is not a standard representation, because the characters are not people, they are shadows.

This is a good opportunity to spend time with your family, and give yourself and your family unforgettable emotions. Why not to start the New Year with a fairy tale?